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On thicker materials we grind the start and finish points. Other surface finishes are also available.

Deburring each laser cut part we produce for no additional charges. The customer can specify jitterbug or tumbled finish.

Virtually any shape, complex or simple, that can be drawn we can laser cut. Normal sheet metal rules (i.e., punching a hole closer to the edge than a material thickness) many times don't apply to laser cutting, so seemingly impossible parts may be produced.

We can help with laser cutting of thin materials, shim stock, and thicker materials previously machined (to .500) can be cut.

Programming of the parts can be from drawing or sketch with a reduced cost when a clean, exploded .DXF file is provided. Signs can be produced using any True Type font, which can lead to some very interesting designs. Laser etching of parts can also be done.

On Time Delivery, meeting and exceeding your expectations. Serra Laser and Waterjet Inc. is located between Los Angeles and San Diego in Orange County, Southern California CA

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