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 Facilities & Equipment
  Laser Cutting & Waterjet Cutting Job Shop

State of the Art Facilities
Laser Cutting & Waterjet Cutting Job Shop

We are equipped with 7 high accuracy state-of-the-art Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Machinery. With a Positioning tolerance of .00039, with a repeatability of .00019. Providing the highest quality parts to all our customers

Open 24 hours 5-6 Days a Week

Going Green with Laser and Waterjet Cutting

Our new Mitsubishi Waterjet is saving 30,000 gallons of water per month over the previous waterjet . The machine has a recycling system that is closed loop, which means water is no longer being flushed down the drain. This state of the art system can purify, filter, and temperature control the water the machine uses, which means we use virtually no water in the process, other than incidental vaporization. Comparing our waterbills from last year to this year we are saving 1,500 gallons a day on a 10 hour operation cycle.

The new Mitsubishi Waterjet also has an automatic garnet removal system. On our other waterjet we would have to shut the operation down for 2 - 3 days every 3 months to shovel out the tank. It was a dirty job and required 2 or 3 people to do it. Because of the volume of garnet we were removing we had to rent a waste removal tank to haul it away, which ran about $1,000 each time we had to do it (about 4 times a year). The new Mitsubishi Waterjet has a system which automatically removes the garnet and puts it in a waste bag. As the bag fills up we use a forklift to take it out and put it in the dumpster. No big mess and the machine is not down for cleaning 12 days a year. Its also much cleaner around the waterjet than before. The system works very well with minimal maintenance we have found.

Serra Laser and Waterjet Cutting Center specializes in laser cutting and waterjet cutting services. We operate on 24 hour basis, 6 days a week, and can turn around hot jobs very quickly. Serra is extremely focused on cutting operations.

FACILITY: 12000 Sq. Ft. Located off 91, near the 55 and 5

We have 7 High Precision Mitsubishi Lasers for Fast Turnaround.

Mitsubishi 3015 eX Laser Cutting-
Steel to 1 inch - Stainless Steel to 1/2 inch - Aluminum to 3/8 inch

MITSUBISHI 2012 LB 12 inch Z axis for part flexibility and 4th Axis Rotary for Tube Cutting

MITSUBISHI 3015HD - 5 x 10 laser we use for wood and acrylic cutting

MITSUBISHI 3015LVP w/Pallet Changer4000 watts – 5 x 10 table size

MITSUBISHI 3015LVP w/Pallet Changer4000 watts – 5 x 10 table size

MITSUBISHI ROTARY AXIS FOR TUBE CUTTINGThis is installed on the Mitsubishi LVP and allows 4th axis tube cutting.

MITSUBISHI 2015VZ2 – 5 Axis laser for shape cutting4000 watts. We use this machine for shape cutting, modifys, and tube cutting. It has 5 axis of operation and allows cutting in virtually any angle.

FLOW 6 X 12 DYNAMIC  WATERJET CUTTINGWaterjet Cutting with 87,000 PSI cutting pressure. Allows us to cut virtually any shape or thickness of material. High pressure system OF 87,000 means fast cutting at low cost.

AMADA1232 SHEAR Precision shear for cutting smaller parts to size

AutoCAD 2 D Software
Solid Works
Catia 3D Design Software
Cenit 5 Axis Laser Software
Metamation 2D Laser Software

ENGINEERING SERVICES:  Principals of Serra Laser and Waterjet started in laser cutting in 1990 and have more than 20 years of practical laser cutting. We do our own laser maintenance and repair, and are available for laser consultation and advice.

On Time Delivery, meeting and exceeding your expectations. Serra Laser and Waterjet Inc. is located between Los Angeles and San Diego in Orange County, Southern California CA.

laser cutting & waterjet cutting job shop in Anahiem, California

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Precision Laser Cutting & Marking, Waterjet Cutting in Southern California
Supplier of Laser Cut Parts & Waterjet Cutting in the USA

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