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Design Tips for Laser Cut Parts & Waterjet Cut Parts-Made in the USA
  1. Laser Cut Parts and Waterjet Cut Parts: Tolerances:+/-0.005" on most parts. By running slower feed rates, certain parts the tolerance can be +/-0.002".
  2. Minimum hole size of 0.090" diameter on waterjet parts, 0.020 with laser parts depending on material thickness and type.  
  3. Square inside corner geometry will cut to a 0.020" radius on waterjet part and .005 on laser cut part.
  4. Larger inside or outside radius corner will cut slightly faster (less cost) on waterjet cutting
  5. Maximum material thickness is 8" with waterjet cutting and .625 steel, .500 SS, and .250 AL with laser machined.
  6. Maximum sheet size that can be cut is 6' x 12' on waterjet part, 5 x 10 on laser machined part.

A small tab will be left on part to hold the part in the sheet and keep the laser or waterjet part from tipping. Make a note on where a tab will not interfere with part function.

Best Method:

E-mail a 2D DXF file or IGES file. Include in the email; waterjet or laser part quantity and material.

DXF file tips:

·  Only include the part geometry that will be waterjet cut (perimeter and through holes/cut-outs), no dimensions, notes etc. needed. No splines – use arcs and lines to make the drawing, splines don’t work.
·  Add a 1" x 1" square with an "X" in it near the part geometry, this is used to check scaling.
·  Double check for broken or overlapping geometry.

For best pricing make your own nest and send. Leave a minimum of .200 in between parts and .500 border around sheet edges. 5 x 10 maximum nest size for laser, 6 x 12 with waterjet.


If your part will require additional machining or forming other than just waterjet cutting, include a PDF file of the dimensioned part drawing.

PDF file tips:

·  Generate a PDF file of your waterjet or laser part drawing from your CAD software.
·  Standard 3 view shop drawing, which can be printed out on our end.
·  The drawing would have all the needed dimensions (in inches), tolerances, and notes to make the part from.


E-mail, Fax, or send Drawings/Sketches. An actual part could be shipped to us.


Clean DXF files will normally incur no additional programming costs. However programming from waterjet and laser part, drawing, or description may incur additional programming costs.

Give us a call for your next waterjet cut parts or laser cut parts requirements and specifications.


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